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Museo Slab – the slab with Museo's friendliness

When Museo became a succes I researched some possibilities of other versions. First I couldn’t find the right solutions to all Museo Slab’s design hurdles, but about one year later —after a radio interview with Aaron and Matt from RBtL —my interest in Museo Slab got fired up again. Don’t know why, but this time I got it all working. Have a closer look at Museo Slab in the carefully designed PDF specimen.

Fully Loaded

Museo Slab supports a very wide range in languages and is a complete OpenType typeface. Each weight counts 455 glyphs. You can find detailed info in the Museo Slab PDF specimen. Museo Slab is spaced and kerned with Igino Marini's wonderful iKern service.

(Free) download

Museo Slab comes in 12 styles: 100 (+Italic), 300 (+Italic), 500 (+Italic), 700 (+Italic), 900 (+Italic) and a new 1000 weight (+Italic). Museo Slab 500 and Museo Slab 500 Italic are free!

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